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Gameplay Programmer

Programmers usually come in two flavors. The hyper focused problem solver that thrives when tackling hard engineering problems and the free spirited and experimental hacker that’s always looking for the next cool thing. We’re interested in the latter. We’re looking for a gameplay programmer to whom gamefeel is more important than method. If you’re a rare breed of both, even better.

You will be working tightly with designers and artists to implement gameplay logic and iterate on game feel. Challenges such as how to make driving feel good, movement to sit tight and camera to work well makes you pumped. You will develop and maintain the tools and systems necessary for designers to create missions, build complex gameplay mechanics and tweak and balance the game. Your work will take you all over the codebase from underlying systems to weapons, from animations to user interface, from physics to VFX.

You have vast knowledge of games and know what it takes to make good gameplay. You’re always trying new things, new engines, new methods and play around with a lot of systems.

You’ll work in a friendly environment with lots of freedom. A big part of a work day is working highly iterative in tight collaboration with other programmers, game designers, and artists.

This is a permanent position based in Skövde, Sweden, and requires working onsite.


  • Design, implement and maintain gameplay systems together with game designers
  • Identify and define technical solutions for different gameplay features according to design documents
  • Experiment with various approaches on how to solve daily gameplay challenges
  • Analyze and correct bugs identified by people from other crafts, the quality control team or you and your peers
  • Document your work so as to transfer knowledge and enable users how to use the new systems and functionalities.


  • Strong interest in game development and a curiosity for the games industry as a whole
  • A keen sense of fun gameplay
  • Familiarity with AI, physics, animation and gameplay code in general
  • Solid proficiency in C/C++
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team

Apply by sending an email to: jobs@doublemoose.com

The Studio

DoubleMoose Game Studios is a growing team of about 10 people, hungry and eager to make our mark on the video game world. We love to challenge the creativity of our players and together we create memorable experiences with humor and cheek, that leaves everyone with a story to tell. Located in the Skövde game development hub we’re at the heart of a teeming developer scene that loves to share knowledge and socialize.

Joining our Skövde studio at this early stage is a great opportunity to build something unique together with us. You will be given the opportunity to strongly influence both the technical roadmap, as well as culture, when we expand our games, technology, team and vision.