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Welcome to Animal Super Squad! This game uses online features mainly to share user-made content with other players in this game and to store your game-progress on the cloud. In order to be able to use these features you must read and accept our Privacy Policy described in this document. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy you will not be granted access to any of our features and we will therefore neither collect any data about you.


We collect information that you enter or otherwise provide in our Gamesparks backend, this includes:

  • Your User Name and Display Name
  • Your User Name and Display Name
  • Your Geographical Location
  • Your use of Animal Super Squad (such as timestamps, play time, favorite levels, play history, level clearings, clearing times, leaderboard times, campaign progress and unlocked collectibles)
  • Your Likes and Reports of levels
  • Your Uploaded Levels

When you play Animal Super Squad, note that some of this information will be made publicly accessible to others, such as your display name, platform identifier and leaderboard times.


We may obtain information from third parties to use along with the info we collect. For example if you use Google to identify with our services. Google may share information with us according to their privacy policy and your settings on it, this includes:

  • Your Platform ID and Platform Identifier (this includes things like your steam-id or google-mail depending on what platform you use to authenticate with)
  • Your Platform profile picture


We work together with a third party service called Gamesparks in order to create your online experience in Animal Super Squad. We’re unable to guarantee that Gamesparks adhere to the same practices as use, so be sure to read their policies and terms as well before accepting our terms.


We do not share any info that directly identifies you (such as your email our other platform identifier) with independent third parties without your knowledge except as described in this policy.


Animal Super Squads online services are not intended for children under the age of 13. We don’t direct content specifically at and don’t knowingly collect personal information from any children under the age of 13. If you’re younger than 13 please decline this Privacy Policy immediately. If you’re the legal guardian of a child younger than 13 and have reason to believe he or she has provided information to use please contact us at support@doublemoose.com and we will delete this information immediately.

If you did not understand any parts of this policy, please contact us at support@doublemoose.com if you want to read further on our policies please visit http://doublemoose.com/privacy.